Withings Steel HR (Sept. 2016)

The Steel HR, while still having the signature analogic look that made the brand, is the first Withings watch featuring continuous Heart Rate recording as well as smartwatch functions like notifications, thanks to its OLED ...

Mockups for Withings Health Mate 3.0 (Sept. 2016)

With the launch of new products, Health Mate covered a large number of health related metrics on topic as different as Blood Pressure and Activity. Health Mate 3 was complete re-design of the app since ...

Withings Thermo – App (July 2016)

The Withings Thermo App is the companion app of the Withings Thermo. It displays the family members the history of their temperature readings as well as medicine, symptoms, comments logging. Share

Withings Thermo – Device (July 2016)

The Withings Thermo is a temporal thermometer. It is ultra accurate, very fast, and super easy to use. I’ve been involved in the project from the start managing the product design and designing the interactions ...

Withings Home 2.0 – App (Sept. 2015)

This second version of the Home app is an iteration that builds on what we learned after a few months in production. It improves the experience on core elements like the timelapse and the video ...

Health Mate – Apple Watch (Apr. 2015)

New watch sized companion app for health Mate to celebrate the launch of the new Apple Watch! It was the opportunity to discover a new OS, new interactions and whole new context of use. The ...

Home – Watch (Apr. 2015)

For the Apple Watch launch, the new Withings Home is getting a watch sized interface. As for Health Mate, focus is on the core elements of the experience; a live video stream of your home, ...

Withings Home (Dec.2014)

The Withings Home is a Wifi-Camera capable of detecting movement, noise and measuring Air Quality. It can be used as an advanced baby monitor, a way to keep an eye at home at all time, ...

Activité (Sept. 2014)

Activité is a trendy analog display watch. It tracks steps, distance, running, caloric expenditure and sleep cycles. It wakes you up with a silent alarm. No charge, 8 month battery life using classic watch button ...

Withings Aura (Jul. 2014)

The Withings Aura is composed of two elements, a sensor that analyse your sleep and tell if your are in deep, light, REM sleep or awake, and a smart sound and light system that can ...

Withings Health Mate 2.0 (Mar. 2014)

First major change in Withings Health Mate since its first version. In order to reposition the app as a life coach, capable, on top of displaying data, to provide analysis and motivation to the user, ...

Health Mate Styler (Jan. 2014)

The new version of the Health Mate app was relying heavily on color coding and pictos. Colors needed to be consistent on every platform (iOS, Android, Web), easily changeable with the less possible amount of ...

Withings Health Mate CES video (Dec. 2013)

Creation of a video showcasing Withings Health Mate future evolutions for CES 2014 as well as other events. Share

Withings Health Station (Dec. 2013)

Health Stations are design for public places like sports/fitness clubs, work places or doctor’s offices. It is place where people can check there blood pressure, weight and body fat in a small amount of time, ...

Pulse, website graphic design (May 2013)

Graphic design and part of the code for the new Withings Pulse website. Share

Pulse interface design (Mar. 2013)

UX & UI design of the new Withings Pulse. Share

Smart Body Analyzer, UX & UI, Device & mobile apps (Jan. 2013)

Designing the user journey through the device and the apps. The new fonts and visuals for the embedded interface are designed for the specificity of the scale’s screen; rectangle pixels (0.8 / 1 ratio), low ...

Libon 2.2, new conversation screen (Jan. 2013)

Libon’s conversation visual update of the conversation screen, adding new media types (pictures, location, vocal messages), making the feed more readable. Share

Libon 2.0, application major redesign (Dec. 2012)

ON (lifeisbetteron.com) pivot and becomes Libon, switching from voicemail customization to VoIP, VoIP Out and messaging.

Memory-life, homepage (2012)

Design of major screens of the new memory-life website. Share

Libon, Springmenu (2012)

Designing Libon’s “springmenu”,  from early UI concepts to assets delivery and user testing. Share

Memory-life, new identity (2012)

Design of the new identity (logo, fonts, color scheme, mailing) for “memory-life”.

ON Web app re-design (2012)

Redesign of the “ON” web application aiming at a better user experience and perceived performances.

Memory-life, HTML5 sharing (2012)

Responsive design in HTML5 / CSS3 for the sharing interface of memory-life targeting touch devices.

Playing responsive (2011)

First test using responsive HTML technics (@media queries) and CSS Grid systems on my website.

ON, VoIP communication (2011)

Design of the VoIP communication system in the existing “ON” web app.

ON, Communication log concept (2011)

Visual and interaction concepts for the communication hub of ON Voicefeed.

Le tablo, iPhone visuals (2011)

Adaptation of the iPad design to the iPhone screen leveraging the shared code.

Le tablo, iPad visuals (2011)

UI & Visual Design for the new iPad application of “le tablo”.

Le tablo, iPad wireframes (2011)

Design of the iPad app for the new iteration of “le tablo”.

Radiomee, Windows Phone wireframes (2010)

Design for the Windows Phone 7 app of the Radio service Radiomee (gives access to al the world radio) following the “Metro” guidelines from Microsoft.

Memory-life, Visuals (2010)

Final interface for the second iteration of “memory-life”.

Memory-life, iPhone visual design (2010)

Graphic upgrade of “memory-life's” iPhone app.

Memory-life, second iteration (2010)

Wireframes, prototype and research for the second iteration of “memory-life”.

Douds font (2010)

Design of a font used to display contextual help in app.

Graphic Editor (2010)

Experiments with Flash AS3 around code generated graphics. Result is a small app producing on demand rich texture effects for backgrounds, possibly animated since everything is designed by code. Share

Memory-life Air App (2010)

Small multimedia browsing application for “memory-life” (Flash AS3), design and coded by myself.

Japan, Vietnam, Squared VR 3 (2009)

Pictures taken during a trip to Vietnam and Japan.

Le tablo, device UI (2009)

Design of the UI for the dedicated device "le tablo", in full flex 3 running on Adobe Air and Linux.

Le tablo, device wireframes and prototypes (2009)

Le tablo is a device using a touch interface.

Le tablo, identity (2009)

Design of the logo and basic guidelines for “le tablo”.

Keanu CES 2009 Demo (2008)

The project was about creating a demo/proof of concept commanded by a gesture interface using the same kind of technologie Microsoft later used on Kinect.

Le tablo, product design (2008)

Design of the home touch device "le tablo".

Solar – Screensaver (2008)

Screensaver for “le tablo”. Like in “Colors” the evolves along the day following the colors of the sky, giving an idea of the time from a long distance.

Colors – screensaver (2008)

Screensaver for “le tablo”. The color changes along the day, giving an idea of the time from a long distance by the color of the screen.

Tram scann (2008)

Using Tram as a giant scanner.

Timeshifting (2008)

Experiments on time perception and display of multiple images recomposed into one.

Lego&Processing Panoramic (2008)

Experiments with Processing & Lego mindstorm.

Folio interface (2007)

My old portfolio, full flash, designed and coded by me in 2007.

Memory-life, prototypes and early wireframes (2007)

Very early prototypes (in flash AS2, some from 2005) of memory-life.

TV – Wiimote experiments (2007)

Playing with wiimotes hacking and TV interaction.

Graduation projects (2007)

Small book presenting the graduation projects of the whole Product design section.

Kakemphaton (2007)

Tablet prototype designed to navigate through memories; It is linked to a cloud service storing all type of memories (pictures, sound, videos and texts) and providing a lot of metadata (date of creation, localisation, colors, tags).

Mémoire (2007)

Graduation mémoire about user interface and the way store memory and access it.

Kakemphaton experiments (2007)

Experiments on screen perception and interaction with navigation system for my graduation project.

Panoramics from India (2006)

Series of pictures taken in India during a trip.

India, Squared VR 2 (2006)

Pictures taken in India (Rajasthan) in Sept. 2006.

Kosmic box (2006)

Installation showing a creative process going from digital to analog until both mixes. A lot of interaction have since then become reality, especially with the iPad and all the touch interfaces.

E.N.S.A.D conference notes (2006)

Graphic proposition for a book presenting the notes taken during a set of conferences.

Live Sofa, Live Box, objects prototyping (2006)


New eletricity (2005)

Looking for solutions to change the way we see and use electricity in our lives by working the shape and the way we interact with it.

Mixing Realty VR & 3D rendering (2005)

Experiences with VR technologies (picture stitching technics). Some mixes VR pictures with 3d rendered images, some plays with the rendering of stitching by tweaking it, or by drawing in overlay.

Korea Squared VR 1 (2005)

Pictures taken in South Korea in different places (a church, a deserted highway, a abandoned university, a suburb and a temple).

VR pictures in Korea (2005)

Taking VR pictures and mounting them without hiding the original splitting between images.

Ecoecho 2 (2005)

Serie of lights based on a strong elastic and pieces of wood or cardboard creating the articulations.

Folio (2005)

My old printed Portfolio from 2005.

HyperSpace, VR workspace exploration (2004)

My very first VR project dates back to 2004 ! It is a 1 week project, the idea was to explore, out of all technical considerations, what a workspace would be like and how it ...

Hanzo (2004)

After Effect taining, building a generic for Hanzo the Razor (Japanese movie).

Gill poster (2004)

A poster presenting the well known font "Gill Sans". Big size serigraphy printing.

Global history (2003)

A navigation system to travel through "A brief world history" (book by Ernst Gombrich).

Ecoecho 1 (2003)

Simple lights made out of card board and elastics only.

Animated Poster (2003)

School work about the animation of an original poster from Siegfried Odermatt.

Messe un jour ordinaire (2003)

School project; poster for a classical music concert.

Reduce (2002)

Reduce is a new way of typing letters on 9 key keyboards. It plays with the shapes of letters to recompose the 27 latin signs.

PlayBAC (2002)

During an internship at PlayBAC, graphic proposition for children's book and new format design for books.